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Tools to value properties

| 18/06/2019

saber por cuanto vender-herramientas

If you want an official valuation you need an  industry expert who visits the property to analyze it and establish a value.
But you can use these free tools to get an approximate valuation of a property that interests you in Spain: (Resource only in Spanish language)
It offers a calculation method accredited by the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid. By indicating the address of the property or its cadastral reference you can obtain a target value or a price range for free. It does not take into account the improvements that may have been introduced in the home over the years, but only objective values, but it will serve to give us an indicative idea. (Resource only in Spanish language)
You can consult official public and private statistics on property prices in Spain.

BBVA valora
If you are looking for a house, or have already found one, BBVA Valora will show you the price and help you decide whether to rent it or buy it depending on the price. It also gathers together information about the property to enable you to make better decisions.
Regarding the tools that help you find out what the value of a property might be and what the neighborhood is like, all the information is acquired from the property’s registry information; the Property Registry is the official registry of all property, including housing, commercial premises and lots..
The property prices shown are not the result of an official valuation performed by an industry expert who visits the property to analyze its state of repair and characteristics in order to establish a value. In addition, aspects that modify its value such as a property’s administrative rating (e.g. in the case of social housing), its state of conservation, special characteristics (views, height or beachfront) and facilities (gardens, swimming pool and other services) are not included.

valoracion casa calculadora

The calculations of property prices and appraisals, as well as the information provided through each of the tools, are estimates. They are solely for informative or guidance purposes, and they do not contain any suggestions, advice or recommendations to apply for a banking product or service. Decisions are made solely and exclusively by the user.