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December 2019

Once you have signed the purchase agreement and the mortgage loan agreement and paid your taxes, you still have one last step left, which is to register the right you have just acquired in the Property Registry.  You need to do this so that: You as the buyer will have full protection for the right you have just acquired, because only if you register …

Registering your property at the Property Registry
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Spain has around 95 people per square kilometre. The UK has 265, Belgium 370 and the Netherlands nearly 500. So for new arrivals from northern Europe, Spain is bigger, emptier, hotter and far more mountainous. Go just a few miles inland from the coast and it’s not unusual to see farmers riding donkeys and shepherds tending flocks. This is the ‘campo’, the countryside. People …

buyin a property in the countryside
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The Canaries, sitting off the coast of Morocco, are warm, but not especially hot, all year. Buy here and you can get four seasons of enjoyment (or rental). They are comprised of seven islands: Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro. Each is different, some sandy, some more volcanic, others with vibrant nightlife and cheap holiday apartments, others quieter. …

To buy a property in Canary Islands
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  Talking and chatting with people all over the world in a different language is made possible with Translated Conversations in Skype. Translated Conversations are not available in group chats or calls.  How to enable Translated Conversations in Skype: From Chats, right click or tap and hold on your contact and select View profile.Alternatively, from within the chat, you can click or tap on the chat header …

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