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Spanish Real-Estate Market, attractive to invest

| 03/07/2017

Venta de casas al extranjero. Atractiva inversión


“The Spanish real-estate market is still an attractive sector for investment”

According to the Bankinter real-estate report, residential demand will grow above 500,000 homes throughout 2018 thanks to the expanding economic cycle, improved employment and low financing costs. In addition, according to this report, the average price of housing will increase around 4%, driven by the shortage of supply and the boom of rent in the more consolidated areas.

Demand for second-hand housing grows 17%, while new home sales fall by 7%.


demanda casas en venta nuevas-usadas


About prices, the increase in the price of housing in Spain will continue to be progressive, in a range of + 3% / + 4% over the next 2 years, although there is a great disparity of prices according to the different locations, increasing mainly in the more consolidated areas of large cities.


venta casas evolución precio



The increase in the price of rents in the central districts of the big cities is also consolidated.

According to these data, the real-estate sector continues to be an interesting investment alternative, due to the rising trend of prices and attractive returns compared to other alternatives in a context of low interest rates.