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Frecuently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add a listing

To publish a property go to our website and click on „Login|Advertise“. Log in with your username and password. If you are not registered click on „Sign Up here“ and sign up to enjoy our services. From your personal area access to „Publish Property“. Complete the form and publish your property.
You can publish your listing free for 10 days, after that your listing will be deactivated.
Subscribe the right pack for you and reactivate your listing.
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What details should a listing have?

It must contain the main details of the property, if it is for sale or to rent, the price, the location, a description and at least one picture greater than 500x500px.
The better the information the greater the chances of sale you will have. For this you can upload 12 pictures and embed a vimeo or youtube video.
If the property is a house or a flat you must have an energy certificate according to RD 235/2013 and indicate the rating in the advertisement.

How to add photos to my listing

Click „Select Images“ and add the photos you want to post to your listing. You can add them one at a time or upload several at a time.
Once uploaded you can sort them by clicking on the photo, dragging and dropping it in the desired position. Double click on the image you want as the cover.
You can upload 12 images up to 8Mb each. Supported formats are .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .pdf.
If you have any problem uploading, make sure you have Adobe Flash Player properly installed and the latest version of Java.

How to add a video to my listing

You can embed a vimeo or youtube video in your listing. You must select in the drop down if you have the video on vimeo or youtube.
Enter the video identification code. This code is the final part of the url. For example:
If you have this url in your youtube video:  The code would be: tl8o0ExRBIY.
If you have this url in your video of vimeo:  The code would be: 160140792.
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How can I manage (modify, update, delete,) my listing

From your personal area access to „My Properties“. Click on the corresponding icon to edit your listing, delete it, disable it (when you disabled it remains in your personal area but will not be visible on the web) or view the statistics views.
When you modify your listing this will be updated on the web.
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How long can I post a listing?

Choose the right pack for you.You have subscriptions that are renewed every 10, 20, 30 or 60 days. You can see all the packs in your personal area. Cancel anytime.
By Sign Up you have a 10-day free trial pack.

How can I highlight my property?

From your personal area access to “My Properties”. Click on the icon corresponding to set it hot .
Check that your current pack has a Featured Listing. Our 30-day and 60-day packs, as well as the free trial, have it.
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How much does a listing cost?

You can check the available packs and prices at any time from your personal area.
Choose the right pack for you: you have subscriptions that are renewed every 10, 20, 30 or 60 days, for one, two or three properties.
Cancel anytime.
When Sign Up you have a 10-day free trial, after this your listing will be disabled but will remain in your personal area so you can reactivate it when you buy a pack without filling the form again.
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What the publication includes

Your listing will be published internationally the time corresponding to your selected pack (180 or 365 days), creating a single listing for each of the languages availables in Your listing can contain up to 12 photos, an embedded vimeo or youtube video, the location of the property on google maps, Streetview if available, the sale price or rental, the property characteristics and title and description, which you can automatically translate to each language. The publication also includes information about the area, with access to the walkscore platform, which indicates services close the property (schools, shops, leisure, etc), that are interesting to the buyer.
We invest in advertising to reach directly those interested in buying or renting in Spain.

How do I make the payment

From your personal area click on „Change Your Pack“ and select the subscription pack you want.
You can pay by credit card through Stripe’s electronic security gateway or through your Paypal account. At no time does your credit card information be stored on our servers.
New! Now you can also make your payments with Pay. To do this, choose the option Pay with Card, and if you have registered a card with Google Pay, the Pay button will be display, which you can choose as payment method.
The following payments are made automatically with the frequency indicated in the chosen pack by the same method of payment.
Cancel anytime.
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When does my listing expire?

The free trial is enabled for 10 days since publication.
When you purchase a payment pack, your subscription is automatically renewed within the period indicated in the pack, so your listing will not expire as long as your subscription remains active.
Cancel anytime. Once your subscription is canceled, your listing will expire when the current subscription period ends.
You can check all the information about your pack in your personal area by clicking on “My Current Pack”.

How do I cancel my subscription?

A „Cancel Subscription“ button will appear in your personal area.
If you have paid by credit card using Stripe’s electronic security gateway:
From your personal area, click the „Cancel Subscription“ button. A pop-up message will appear asking for confirmation, once your subscription has been confirmed it will be cancelled and you will not be charged any more. Your listing will expire at the end of the current period.
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If you have made the payment through your Paypal account the cancellation of the subscription must be done from your own Paypal account. From your personal area by clicking the “Cancel Subscription” button you will get additional information about how to do it. Once your subscription has been cancelled, no further charges will be made. Your listing will expire at the end of the current period.
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My listing has expired, how can I renew it?

When your listing has expired it will be disabled, but will remain in your personal area.
From your personal area purchase a new package. For more help, Click Here
Click to “My Properties” and activate your listing again. For more help, Click Here

I want to publish several properties

Choose one of our packs for 2 or 3 properties, or contact us if you want to publish more properties.
If you purchased a pack to publish a single property and later want to publish another one with the same account you should change to a pack that includes two or three properties.

IMPORTANT if your email is from hotmail

Check the SPAM folder, it is possible that emails arrive there. To get emails arrive to the Inbox:
* Go to the SPAM Mail Folder.
* Open e-mail from
* Add us to your mail contacts.
This way you can receive the information emails from iyasta, and the emails of new ads if you have a saved search.

How can I create my user account?

Click „Login|Advertise“ or the Registry icon that accompanies you in the sidebar. In the popup window click on „Sign Up here“. Enter a username, an email and a password. Then you must log in. Or choose to sign up using Facebook, Google or Yahoo.
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Login with Facebook, Google o Yahoo.

You can sign up and log in using your , or .
Click „Login|Advertise“ or the Registry icon that accompanies you in the sidebar. Click on the option you want: , or . The first time you log in, a user account will be generated, with the user details associated with your , or . The following times you will access directly to your profile.
IMPORTANT: The first time you log in, you should verifies that the email field has been filled in correctly. If not, you must enter a valid email as it is the main way to contact with you. This may be due to the fact that you previously created an account with the same email as the one associated with your , or . You can not have two user accounts with the same email, so you must enter a valid email or delete one of the two accounts.

How to modify my user details

From your private area click „My Profile“. There you can add or change your user data and if you want, add a photo to your profile. This data will be how to contact for the people interested in your listing. You can indicate if you have whatsapp, skype, or another chat to contact you.

How to change my password

From your personal area click „My Profile“. There enter the old password and the new password. After you change your password you must login again with the new password.

Forgot your password?

Click „Login|Advertise“ or the Registry icon that accompanies you in the sidebar. In the popup window click on „Forgot your password?“. Enter the email address with which you sign up and you will receive an email with a new password.

How to cancel my user account

From your private area click „My Profile“. There you can delete your account. Your listings and all your user data will be deleted.

Finding properties

You can do different types of searching: Select the parameters (type of operation, type of property, price range, etc.) of the property you want to search and click on the magnifying glass icon. You can also search for words, for example when you want to find something very specific (eg. house in Tejeda de Tietar). Finally you can move directly on the map, to locate the properties in a specific area. By clicking on the pin locator you will get the information of the property (red pins indicate property for rent and green pins for sale). Once you have obtained the list of search results you can sort them using the drop down box to the left.

How to subscribe to the alerts service

To save a search you must have an account. Do the search by selecting the settings you want. Once you have the results list, enter a name to save your search (eg lands for sale in Asturias) and click save. You will receive an email when similar properties are listed. You can check your „Saved Searches Settings“ in your profile. If you don`t want to receive more emails you can delete your search there. Search by keyword does not allow you to save search.

Add to favorites and share listings

In order to save favorite listings you must be signed up. Click the heart icon of the property that interests you. Then check them in your personal area.
You can share listings by Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Compare properties

Above all you have to carry out a search through our property search engine. You can compare up to 4 properties. Add them from the search results and click to compare.

Currency exchange

You can change the currency to see the value in pounds or dollars. The change is made based on the updated market indexes but the price of the property is always set by the seller in euros.

Mortgage Calculator

You can use our mortage calculator to have an estimate of the mortgage amount you need. Enter the property price, thesavings made, the terms and the interest rate and calculate the monthly and annual payment.

What do I need to know to buy a property in Spain?

We offer you all the information you need about how to buy a property in Spain step by step with safety. Check from our „Buy Safe“ page the information provided by the Government of Spain, the Registrar’s Office and the UK Government.

How do I contact the seller?

You have several ways to get in touch with the seller. You can send a message using the form that appears next to the property, providing your email and phone so that the seller can contact you. Contact directly by phone with the number that appears in the details of the seller.
Get in touch with whatsapp, skype, hanggouts or another social networks if so indicated by the seller.
If you do not speak Spanish well, you better communicate by mail, or whatsapp or stay on Skype, so you can communicate each one in your language using a translator.

How do we make it happen?

– We invest in direct advertising for smartphones, tablets and computers.
– Direct ad to the interested in buying or renting in Spain.
– Buyer and seller meet here.

How publish my property in several languages

It is very easy, even if you don´t know languages, we translate it for you:
From your profile add a new property. Write the description in Spanish.
Click the translate button under the description section. Several sections will be displayed for the title and description in English and German.
You can write the text directly in each language in the corresponding section. Or click on translate and it will be automatically translated.
Save your ad.
If you don´t translate the title and the description, they will appear in Spanish in all the ads, the rest of the information will appear in the corresponding language.

What may I do if someone contacts me in other language

Take advantage of current technologies. You can use the google translator in whatsapp, skype translator or Tap Translate on the Gboard keyboard to communicate each one in your language. Check it on our Whatsapp Translator, Skype Translator and Gboard Translator pages.