Located at the South-East corner of the Iberian Peninsula, between the regions of, Andalusia, Castile-La Mancha and Valencia, the Region of Murcia occupies an area of 11,317 km2 (2.2% of the total surface area of Spain), bordering the province of Albacete in the North, the province of Alicante in the East, the provinces of Granada, Albacete and Almería in the West, and the Mediterranean in the South-East.

The region of Murcia stands out because of its multiple contrasts: dry vs. irrigated land, plains vs. mountainous areas, coastline vs. interior, vineyards vs. mesetas, factors which can no doubt be attributed to its location in a transitional area between the Sub-Baetic mountain range and the northern Sub-Meseta.

Murcia, capital city of the Autonomous Region, on the banks of the Segura, Cartagena, a port fronting on the Mediterranean, Lorca, the town of a Hundred Coats of Arms, and Caravaca de la Cruz, the Holy Town, will furnish all the reasons a visitor needs to choose them any time of the year

The variety and diversity of the Region of Murcia is not only reflected in its multiple cultural traditions. It is particularly noticeable in the wealth of natural habitats, in the number of fascinating spots that we can find both on the coast and inland. It has often been said that while one Murcia Region ‘looks towards the sea’ a second one ‘faces inland’. All in all, it can in general be asserted that the Region of Murcia offers a wide range of activities which bring you into contact with nature.

There are plenty of wild beaches, tourist beaches, open or hidden beaches… You can enjoy the Region of Murcia’s paradises throughout the year, with their blue and emerald waters, white sands, lonely coves and, most of all, Mediterranean spirit.

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The Murcia Region International Airport serves the Region, located 26 kilometers from the city’s urban center. It has several international routes with different countries in Europe, both on regular flights, whether seasonal or annual, as well as on charter flights, also having several national routes.

Alicante-Elche Airport, located 72.4 kilometers from Murcia is another option to get there.

El Aeropuerto de Alicante-Elche, situado a 72,4 kilómetros de Murcia es otra opción para llegar.

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