La Rioja

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La Rioja is the smallest region in Spain, but the territory is home to a range of landscapes and locations typical of a continent. The Mediterranean essence appears in the vineyards, the alpine climate take shape in the snow-capped mountains, and the rain-fed land creates moonscapes. But, above all, water steals the show. Seven rivers are born in the region and crisscross through it, decorating the landscape. Every step opens onto a new world, without ever leaving the region.

In La Rioja, wine is more than a beverage – it’s a shared culture, a way of life that you can experience.

A mosaic of art, culture and traditions. The natural wealth of this frontier land has led all the peoples that have passed through the Peninsula to settle in this region located on the banks of river Ebro. Contrebia Leukade, one of the oldest settlements in La Rioja, dates back to Celtiberian times.

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The airport is in Agoncillo, 14 km from Logroño. The centre of Logroño is 10 minutes away.

It is one of the Spanish airports with the least air traffic. The main company operating at the airport is Air Nostrum (Iberia), offering daily flights to Madrid. In summer season, Air Nostrum offers flights to tourist destinations.

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