Islas Canarias

Latitude of life

The impressive volcanic nature and energy of a beautiful archipelago full of wild and incredible landscapes.

Feel the unique natural energy of the Canary Islands as it fills you with dynamic energy and an eruption of emotions. Seven islands that offer an incredible and spectacular natural diversity and a warm climate perfect for intense experiences throughout the year.

Volcanoes, thousand-year forests, idyllic beaches, sand dunes, dramatic cliffs, natural swimming pools, waterfalls, oceans full of life and a clear, protected sky that make up one of the world’s most valuable ecosystems.

The Canary Islands emerged from the sea due to powerful volcanic activity. Blessed by a uniquely benign climate and a privileged location their volcanic origins are still evident twenty million years later: Lava and ash fields meeting the sea, craters and calderas sheltering wild forests, unique species adapted to their surroundings, etc. A beautiful and surprising landscape that is sometimes compared to the moon and never leaves visitors underwhelmed.

Walking into Canarian forests is like jumping into a children’s book of fables. The luxuriant vegetation that covers the islands is due to the humid Trade Winds bringing moisture to the northern highlands of the highest islands.

With kilometres of superb beaches you can do whatever you like on the sand in the Canary Islands from fun family days out, shoreline walks, comfortable sunbathing or getting lost with your partner in idyllic surroundings. The pleasant climate throughout the year, blue skies and over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year make the endless Canarian beaches perfect whenever you choose to visit.

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The Canary Islands have eight airports altogether, two of the main ports of Spain, and an extensive network of autopistas (highways) and other roads.

The largest airport is the Gran Canaria Airport. Tenerife has two airports, Tenerife North Airport and Tenerife South Airport. The island of Tenerife gathers the highest passenger movement of all the Canary Islands through its two airports.

There are large ferry boats that link islands as well as fast ferries linking most of the islands. Both types can transport large numbers of passengers and cargo (including vehicles).

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