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If you are looking for monumental and artistic cities, Toledo and Cuenca are declared Cultural Heritage. 2016 marks the 30th and 20th anniversary since they were selected by UNESCO, an exclusive club of the world’s wonders.

Together with its monumental heritage, Castilla La Mancha offers an extraordinary landscape with natural wealth. Its landscapes invites to: hiking, biking, horseback riding or ATV’s, canoeing or caving. You can even enjoy observing the clear skies where there is a star named Cervantes. Its two National Parks, Cabañeros and las Tablas de Daimiel, have unique features. It is evident, in both, the collective effort to preserve and defend these unique natural areas, putting their preservation before other interests.

Castilla La Mancha has two regions with literary fame: La Mancha and La Alcarria. The vast widths of the first, crammed with vineyards, are truncated by hills where you will see the silhouette of the famous windmills. It is a land of great and popular villages rich in architecture, marked by its whitewashed walls painted indigo skirts.

The Alcarria are plateaus and valleys of the rivers Tajo, Tajuña and Henares which cover Guadalajara and Cuenca. It is a countryside populated with oaks, willows, poplars and a variety of herbs, essential for the production of exquisite honey.

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Castilla La Mancha has two passenger airports located near the cities of Albacete and Ciudad Real:

  • Albacete Airport is an airport located at the Los Llanos Air Base, about 4 miles (6 kilometres) south of the city of Albacete. There are no scheduled services from Albacete Airport. The airport is only served by a number of charter services from carriers such as Privilege Style.

  • Ciudad Real Central Airport. Currently there are no airlines operating at the airport.

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