Nature, adventure and disconnection

Aragón is located in the NE of the Iberian Peninsula. It is formed by 33 counties or `comarcas´ and its capital is Zaragoza, whose metropolitan area gathers more than the half of the whole population.

High snowy peaks, autumn forests mixed with intense colors, rivers, lakes, deep canyons and never-ending deserts.

Aragón is nature. A National Park, four Natural Parks and lots of protected sceneries. All of them are perfect locations to breathe fresh air and meeting yourself. Climb its peaks, take a bath in its rivers, cross its deserts…infinite options.

It is full of perfect locations where practising any kind of adventure sports in nature. Endless mountains to climb, by ‘via ferrata’ or winter sports. Rivers and lakes where living emotions inside white waters or the best canyons in Europe to practice canoeing.

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Aragon has several airports and aerodromes:
  • There is an International Airport at Zaragoza, as well as several smaller airports at Huesca, Santa Cilia de Jaca and Villanueva de Gállego.
  • Zaragoza Airport. It is located 16 km (9.9 miles) west of Zaragoza. The destinations offered by the airport are numerous such as London, Paris, Brussels, Bucharest, Malaga, Seville, the Canary Islands, Palma de Mallorca, or Milan and with route expansion plans.
  • Santa Cilia de Jaca aerodrome, located 14 km east of Jaca, in the heart of the Pyrenees bases its activity on private flights, tourism and ultralight.
  • Villanueva de Gállego Aerodrome, located 15 km north of Zaragoza, is dedicated to recreational uses.

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